Our Passion

At Arturo & Anise we want to share with you our love for food and entertainment of the highest value. We strive to be the best, and pride ourselves on providing you with premium options for cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide you the world’s best handcrafted gourmet products for cooking, eating and entertaining. Our teams are highly committed to excellence.

Our Goals

The goal of Arturo & Anise is to supply premier quality handcrafted products to evoke a gratifying experience!



Try Arturo & Anise for dinner only 35$ bucks!


Lainey Anise, by day works in the insurance industry and by night is a self-taught pastry and candy maker. Jamondo Arturo, a manager in the energy field, dreamed of creating small batched hand-crafted products with the finest ingredients available. Together this married duo has combined their exquisite skills to bring forth the Arturo & Anise experience! While staying true to the natural flavors of food, Arturo & Anise simply enhances your idea of everyday food and events.


Meet The Duo


Owners Jamondo Arturo & Lainey Anise Leno





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